General Questions

What is e-Merchants Factory QR Code?
e-Merchants Factory QR is a technology that enables you to purchase goods and/or services just by scanning the merchant’s QR code using the bank app. A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode readable by smartphones. It’s a simpler and safer way to pay instead of manually entering the merchant’s data into your mobile phones.
What is the merchant registration process for e-Merchants Factory?
You can call our contact number, visit our website, Facebook page or Instagram and our sales staff will visit you to process your registration.
I don’t have any bank account.
e-Merchants Factory sales team guide you to open a bank account at your Nearest bank branch.
How secure is your service?
e-Merchants Factory is secured based network under the agreement of Union pay and DIB.
Is this service available across every city in Pakistan?
How much time is required for the registration process?
It only takes 24 to 48 hours to successfully register as a e-Merchants Factory.
Can I use my existing bank account?
Yes, you can use your existing bank account for this service.
How will my customer us e-Merchants Factory QR Code.
Your customer just need to scan a QR Code with bank mobile application.
Why should I use this service as I prefer to work on cash?
It’s an additional payment feature with a state of the art security enhancing Convenience for you and your valued customer.