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What is RMPS?

Retail Merchants Payment Services (RMPS) are the Aggregator of e payment services.

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e-Merchants Factory

e-Merchants Factory is the registered brand under RMPS which provides the
e-Services to facilitate e-Payments via QR Code.

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e-Merchants Factory
QR Code

in e-Merchants Factory QR Code no special equipment needed. It’s a promising trend for the future of mobile payment for quick,easy & convenient way to pay.

qr hand scaning-01

Scan e-Merchants Factory QR code

Enter the amount

Confirm Payment


QR Code

Simply scan & pay with e-Merchants Factory QR Code.

SMS Notifications

e-Merchants Factory come up with a push notification that deliver on every transaction to merchants & consumers.

Interbank Network

e-Merchants Factory expand your banking network with Interbank Network.


e-Merchants Factory offer discounts on a growing number of food and shopping outlets.


e-Merchants Factory allow you to use Fintech services to improve your activities in finance.

Near Field Communication

e-Merchants Factory facilitate merchants & consumers to pay with NFC.


Shop online & Pay with e-Merchants Factory.

Mobile Point of Sale

e-Merchants Factory allow you to pay via smart phones, or wireless devices.

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

e-Merchants Factory give access to merchants & consumers be aware of transaction & Money using USSD.

Cash in

With e-Merchants Factory you can credit a cash. Your cash will be converted to mobile money in your wallet account.

Cash out

With e-Merchants Factory you can receive a cash & the amount withdraw from your mobile money wallet account.


e-Merchants Factory offer Cashback reward program.

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