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What is QR Code ?

QR, or Quick-Response, Codes.

A machine-readable code consisting of black and white squares, each containing a unique pattern. Also, they are designed to be read by a mobile phone camera.
QR codes have many different uses, but one of the most popular use is to make payments using a mobile device.


How QR Code Works for Payments

One way of making mobile payments in-store is by using QR codes. All you need is a Bank or a Fintech’s mobile phone with a camera, and a mobile app that can scan, store, and process QR codes. Here are the two main payment types you can make using QR codes, and how they work:

  1. Push- Merchant presented QR
  2. Pull-Customer presented QR


How to make QR transaction from Customer Perspective

  1. Customer has to download Bank or FinTech Mobile App & link with Account No/Digital Wallet or Debit Card
  2. Scan QR code via Bank Mob App
  3. Enter the amount
  4. Confirm Payment
  5. SMS notification to Merchant
  6. App notification in Merchant App
  7. Once a transaction has performed, payment will be credited to Merchant’s account on next business day.

Benefits of QR Code

No special equipment needed
One of the challenges of mobile payments is finding a solution that works with different devices. QR codes help overcome this challenge, as all you need to scan a QR code is a camera on your mobile phone.
Quick and easy to use
You don’t need to enter the details of the person you are paying, just scanning the QR code will identify them instantly.
More convenience
Carrying it around is much safer than bringing your entire wallet full of cash and credit cards.
Increased safety
Storing your payment details in your mobile phone with secured Bank App having 4-6 Digits App Password
The chances of theft and fraudulent purchases using your payment details are much less with QR codes.
QR codes are a promising trend for the future of mobile payments, and are an exciting, easy and convenient way to pay using just your mobile phone

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