About Us

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QR code
makes it snappy

Quick response codes provide a real time, fast and convenient way of making payments without sharing your personal details. Just scan the QR code of merchant, insert the amount and press send to make hassle free, immediate transactions

The Power of 1 Minute

Save, Send, Receive or Pay Absolutely Free, Signup Now in 1 minute

SimSim is Pakistan’s first digital one-minute current account that has created new avenues by introducing possibilities of real-time free payments for everything. Whether you are paying for your favorite food or just sending money to your family anywhere in Pakistan, it’s absolutely FREE.

Your E-wallet account also offers Interbank Money Transfer (IBFT) implying you can easily receive and send money to different bank accounts instead of simply doing transactions to and fro a SimSim user. Users can also use the application to pay their bills, do mobile top-ups, book movie & bus tickets, hotel reservations and much more.

More importantly, It’s really fun to use and takes just under a minute to get started.

Our Features

Scan & Pay

Make real-time, zero-cost payments by simply scanning the QR codes of merchants.

ATM Card

It allows you to add an account/payment details and saves time for future payments on same beneficiary.

Send Money

Send money to any other wallet simply by entering the mobile number of payee

Account Management

Manage your account through various options provided in account management feature

Easy Tickets

Buy easy tickets virtually from anywhere, you do not need to go through hassle of booking process

Pay Bills

Pay all types of utility bills in a secure and convenient way

Request Money

Request money from the other users and through different channels.

Gift Vouchers

Buy different vouchers for different platforms such as iTunes, Spotify,Netflix, Facebook, etc.!